365 Sports

365 Sports

Athletic Experiences Unlike Any Others

365 Sports provides immersive summer athletic experiences unlike any other available to elite athletes in the United States.  Combining intensive training and international tournament competition, 365 Sports assists elite athletes in elevating their game while providing these athletes with the unique life experience to participate in international competitions around the world.

Scope of Work

Satisfaction and Referral Program – In order to learn and continually improve, 365 Sports utilizes the Brand Periscope Satisfaction & Referral Program to rate customer satisfaction with their experience, collect feedback, and to measure the intensity of customer loyalty and advocacy.  In addition, the Satisfaction & Referral Program is successful for capturing referrals that can be followed up on to generate new business.

Refer-a-Friend Program – Word-of-mouth and referrals are an important way for 365 Sports to grow the business.  The Refer-a-Friend Program helps them drive this important aspect of sales growth in an affordable, easy and repeatable way.

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