Building a Strong Brand for an Innovator in Cyber Security

We worked with Cypherpath to define their brand identity and build out the brand assets. The essence of the Cypherpath brand is creating "CyberReady" organizations. Only Cypherpath delivers precisely the right cyber security training, continually. An organization can only be prepared against cyber threats.

TaglineAre You CyberReady?

The CypherPath tagline is short, focused, strategic, and grabs your attention. By asking the question "Are You CyberReady?", the tagline focuses on the critical issue regarding cyber security ---- Are you ready in the event of a cyber attack on your organization? If not, contact an expert, like Cypherpath.

Brand Buildout – Brand Periscope worked with Cypherpath to build out and develop the brand into the core brand assets that would communicate the brand message to the market.

Website Design - We designed an "Organic" shape and feel to the website to convey a sense of change which represents the emerging cyber threats and theneed for on-going cyber security education and training.

Case Study and Course Description Templates

PowerPoint Presentation Template


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