P&G’s “Best Practice” of Best Practices

P&G focuses on doing everything the best way possible. They analyze almost every aspect of the business, document, and train the organization on “best practices”.

PPC Advertising & the Importance of a Quality Score

Increase your Quality Score and you can get better ad placements and lower costs than your competition. Just sling your ads up on the Internet and you are burning money.

A Roadmap to Building a Brand

Great brands don’t “just happen”. Brands are first conceived of, then they are diligently managed.

What’s the Big Deal About a Brand?

Brands compete on ideas while products compete on price. Brands win over people’s hearts and create enduring value.

Blogging: From Fad to Solid Trend

Over 346 Million people globally read blogs. Over 80% of consumers go to the Internet FIRST to get information. Do you need more reasons to blog? It’s also basically free.

9 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Blogging is emerging as an important tool to manage the growth of modern businesses. Learn why your business needs a blog. Now is the time to get a jump on the competition.

PMC Commercial Interiors Extends their Brand Presence to their New Website

PMC Commercial Interiors is building out their brand presence. It started with a vision, evolved into a statement of brand purpose, and came to life first as a distinctive Brand Mark.   Now, PMC Commercial Interiors is rolling out their new brand into a beautiful, clean web design. The website design stays true to the [...]

PMC Commercial Interiors – A Brand You Should Get to Know

PMC Commercial Interiors is a full service commercial interiors firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC with offices in Greensboro and Charlotte. They recently went through a business transition and engaged Brand Periscope to help find an engaging, distinctive new brand identity. It was a pleasure to work with the PMC team, to learn what makes them [...]

The Twitter Adoption Curve

  I must confess, I started off as a Twitter Skeptic.  More accurately, I was probably a Twitter Denier — someone who actively discounted any potential business value associated with Twitter.  I was wrong.  It took me a while but I have grown to appreciate how Twitter can be effectively used to engage followers, build [...]

The Art of Brand Storytelling – Starbucks

I have long believed that “Behind Every Great Brand There is a Story”. If you understand your story, what makes your different, and how to tell your brand story to your customer, you can build a strong brand with deep customer loyalty.  If are simply another product and you do not have a brand story, [...]

What’s Your $500 Billion “Like” Button?

The Wall Street Journal is saying that Facebook’s “Like” Button was instrumental in transforming Facebook from an interesting social media past time into a $500 Billion advertising giant. There are many many social media applications in the market with many overlapping capabilities.  Could it really be that something as simple as the “Like” button made [...]

The Impact of Digital Advertising on High End Brands

In a September, 2011 article, AdWeek asks the provocative question, “Is Digital Killing The Luxury Brand?” This is a good question because high end, luxury brands by definition need to establish themselves as standing above the fray.  They are exclusive.  They are different.  They are better.  And, they don’t hang around with the commoners, either [...]

Social Marketing Budgets To Increase

According to recent research from Marketing Sherpa, spending on social media marketing is poised for continued growth in 2011.  As shown in the chart below, 68% of companies claim their expenditures on social media will increase, with 16% having more than a 50% increase, 19% increasing between 20% and 50%, and another 33% showing an [...]

Ten Reasons Small Business Should Build a WordPress Website

To WordPress or Not To WordPress, That is the Question? Historically, most websites have been custom websites built by a web designer using website design software such as Adobe Dreamweaver or NetObjects Fusion. Web designers combine their graphic design skills with their knowledge of coding to bring a design to life on the web. As [...]

The Power of Word-of-Mouth – 2.5 Times More Effective

The increasing impact of Social Media and how it facilitates a “Brand Conversation” between businesses (i.e brands) and customers is highlighting the importance of Word-of-Mouth marketing.   More and more customers are experiencing a complete brand experience instead of just touching the brand for a single transaction. Advertisers like Geico, with the Gecko, and P&G’s Old [...]

Why Does the Same Search Produce Different Results? Web History

Many of my clients wonder why they see different SEO results than me and the other people in their company.  Here’s some of what’s going on. If you and I are doing a web search for exactly the same term, say “Best Restaurants in Raleigh, NC”, shouldn’t we get the same results?  No.  Why?  Because [...]

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