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Brand Identity

Brand Design, Logo Design, Brand Architecture.

Developing a Brand Identity

The purpose of Brand Identity, Corporate Identity, and Brand Design is to ensure your brand has a unique thumbprint and is presented in a consistent, engaging, and high quality manner in the marketplace.  The look, touch, sound, and feel of your brand bring your brand strategy to life on your website, in your products and services, and in the way you communicate with your customers.  Behind every great brand there is an interesting story.  What is the story of your brand?  Does that story come to life in your brand identity, in your website, and in your conversations with customers?

Creativity is about reaching new heights and realizing new possibilities.  At Brand Periscope, we work with you to dig deep into company goals and the aspirations of your customers to uncover key insights and creative new possibilities.  We work with you to understand these exciting new directions and to explore how these concepts can reinvigorate your brand and your company.  We help you focus in on what makes your brand special and different.  Through our brand identity development process, we help you communicate your brand story visually and in words.

Brand Visual Identity
After we understand the essence of your new brand, we embody these concepts into the brand mark or brand logo so they visually communicate your brand promise of value.  The brand mark should be relevant, engaging, and proprietary.  To build a strong bond with customers the logo is just the starting point of your brand identity.  You want your website, packaging, marketing materials and all other deliverables to have a distinctive look and feel.  As such, the visual identity needs to expand into primary and secondary brand design assets.  These design assets become a brand toolbox to put your proprietary brand stamp on everything you place into the market.

Brand Verbal Identity
To support the look and feel of the brand, it must be supported with clear, consistent, and compelling messaging.  Focusing your efforts and establishing a clear verbal identity is the only way to make a lasting impression and set your brand apart from the competition in a crowded markeplace. 

Since we specialize in brand identity development we can help you create a message that breaks through the clutter.   Failure to focus on your message will result in fragmentation of efforts and result in the creation of multiple independent, small and separate messages, each of which will quickly fade and fail to make a lasting impression.


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