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First, Build Your Brand

The word “brand” originally came from using a branding iron to stamp the name of a ranch into cattle so ranchers could identify their livestock.  Brand has evolved to mean the name of a particular product, service, or company.   Importantly, a brand is a rich set of associations that affects people’s perceptions and their desire to purchase.

A branding company that specializes in branding design can help make your brand stand for something important and different.  Brand design is important because customers and partners are attracted to the power of a brand.  Strong brands get more traffic to websites, engage more prospects and have higher conversion rates than me too products and commodities.

Your brand and corporate identity are your face to the customer.  Your brand represents a unique fingerprint of who you are, what you do, and how you do it.  A strong brand builds off what you have done in the past, provides direction in what you do today, and guides you into the future. 

A brand transcends a mere description as a product or service.  A brand identity is a complex mixture of logic and emotions.  Importantly, financial analysis shows that about 50% of a company’s net worth is accounted for by “Intangible Assets” and the most significant factor is the value of the Brand.

On Branding and Brand Strategy

At Brand Periscope, we know that great brands don’t just happen, they are created and managed.  A great brand must appeal to both the heart and mind.  To have enduring value a brand must be relevant today, but must also evolve over time as the market, technology and consumers change. 

Creating a strong brand starts with a clear brand strategy.  Once you know what the brand stands for, it needs to be expressed in a compelling brand identity that attracts and engages people.  Then, you need to take care of the brand by managing each touchpoint of the brand with the customer.  Having an appealing web design is critical since most people will first experience your company through the web.  Having a creative logo design is an important first step, but leading brands have a complete brand architecture that includes both a visual identity and a verbal identity.  Just as your visual identity makes you look different, you verbal identity makes you feel different when people read the content on your website or your sales and marketing materials.

Let us know how we can help you start your brand conversation and build a brand strategy.

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