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Expertus is a fast-growing innovator in the training outsourcing industry.  They help dozens of blue-chip companies like Cisco, ADP, and Lockheed Martin manage learning as a business.  Expertus also recognizes that learning can be a source of strategic advantage.  They engaged Brand Periscope to help strengthen this idea that learning helps drive a return-on-investment in their brand positioning, tagline and naming.  Furthermore, they wanted to strengthen their already effective sales and marketing programs by learning what was working the best so they could invest more in those efforts.

Scope of Work:

Brand Positioning & Tagline – Where Learning Means Business
The tagline “Where Learning Means Business” gets to the core of Expertus’ approach to learning management and also to their unique value add.  Expertus understands that learning is not simply “nice to have”.  Approached strategically, and with a bottom line mentality, training generates tangible business results and a return-on-investment.  All this is captured simply, but powerfully in their tagline, “Where Learning Means Business”.  We developed this tagline using a disciplined methodology and tested it against multiple other tagline candidates.  The last step in the tagline development process called for validation research among a target segment. Visit the Expertus website to see the tagline in use and to learn why --- Expertus is Where Learning Means Business.

Brand Naming – Expertus has a full suite of offerings ranging from learning strategies, to learning services and learning solutions.   With so many offerings, Expertus wanted to wrap all these offerings into some type of naming convention that would make it easier to talk about the offerings with customers.  We explored naming architectures that would naturally complement the brand equity inherent in the Expertus brand name.  We also wanted the naming convention to tie into “Learning” and, of course, we wanted it to be memorable and easy to say. 

We identified the theme of “Smart” as a prefix that could be used across multiple product and service categories.  The “Smart” theme was relevant, simple, memorable, flexible, and distinctive when used in combination with Expertus’ product offerings.

  • Smart Learning Strategies
  • SmartSolutions ™ - learning modules
  • SmartPay ™ - a learning commerce module
  • SmartPortal – an LMS portal
  • SmartTips for Learning Executives – a monthly newsletter

Marketing Accelerator Program: Lead Generation and RFP Analysis
Expertus was experiencing solid growth in a challenging economy.  In order to further accelerate sales growth, they asked Brand Periscope to determine the key drivers behind their success.  In short, what was driving the pipeline, the demand for RFPs and conversions to sales.  As a learning company, they knew knowledge was power.  And knowing the factors that drove sales would be the first step in controlling them and improving them.  Brand Periscope conducted an extensive set of customer research programs to determine what was driving awareness, consideration, intent to purchase and repeat purchase.  The results showed which elements of the marketing and sales plan were most effective so Expertus could invest in what worked and divest in what didn’t.

Sales Accelerator Program: Win Loss Analysis
The learning management sales cycle is competitive and time consuming.  The scope and cost of an engagement can be significant.  Winning even 1 or 2 extra deals in a year can have a major impact on company performance.  Brand Periscope conducted a comprehensive Win Loss Analysis with selected customers and prospects.  The results yielded a clear understanding of what drove wins and losses.  It also uncovered unexpected insights that were used to increase conversions. 

“We engaged Brand Periscope to identity a strong positioning and tagline that would set us apart and create a unique value proposition.  Rick led us through a disciplined process came up with a powerful and memorable tagline – “Expertus…Where Learning Means Business”. 

Gordon Johnson
Vice President Marketing


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