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Foland Homes

Building a Strong Local Brand

Foland Homes develops and builds high end custom homes in Raleigh, NC.  Part of what sets Foland Homes apart is the professionalism and attention to detail that owner Greg Foland brings to the home construction business.  When Greg decided to create a company website he set the same high level of expectations for his brand logo and his website that he sets when building a beautiful custom home. 

Scope of Work

Brand Naming – it was important to get the name exactly right.  Should it be Foland Homes, or Foland Custom Homes?  What are the pros and cons of each? 

Brand Logo – the brand design objective was to create an elegant, distinctive brand mark that embodied the outstanding quality, craftsmanship and professionalism that the home owner gets when they enjoy a home building experience with Foland Custom Homes. 

Web Design – as a small business owner Foland Custom Homes wanted the right balance between having a great website and meeting the needs of a small business owner.


To see the website and learn about a great custom home builder in Cary, NC please visit Foland Custom Homes at


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