HomeForce Security

Home Force Security

E Pluribus Brandum Unum: “From Many Branding Concepts Emerges One Winner”

If you are moving or simply want to lower your bills, Allconnect will get you connected with the lowest price on all the home services you need for your home.  From Phone, TV, Internet, DSL, Electricity, Satellite, and more, Allconnect is a one stop shop for Home Services.

When Allconnect was launching a new home security service, they chose to work with Brand Periscope to help them create a winning brand name and brand identity.  We presented several dozen brand concepts for their consideration and they emerged with a powerful, winning brand identity.

Scope of Work

Brand Name Development – the goal was to create a great, proprietary brand name FAST!  While other branding agencies suggested a typical 8-10 week branding process, that didn’t meet the business need.  So, Brand Periscope developed a new 2-Day on-site “Name Storming” session designed to create the new name in 2-days.  Despite the extreme timing pressure, the Brand Periscope naming methodology led the Executive Team through a creative, but systemic process that led to the creation of a compelling brand name – HomeForce Security.

Brand Identity Development – With a powerful and self-evident name in hand, Brand Periscope identified 40 brand concepts under multiple different brand metaphors relating to the home security business. This represents a few of the brand identity concepts created in the brand development creative exploratory process.

From these candidates, the HomeForce team selected the their top choices for the last stage of refinements before making the final brand selection.  The resulting brand identity and logo has indisputable stopping power combined with a distinctive and creative look and feel. 

Website Design – The final piece of work was to take the brand identity and express it into a web design that could be used in the creation of the HomeForce Security website.

“Brand Periscope's methodology led our organization through a branding exercise that was both thoughtful and aspirational, yet drove us to speedy decisions.”

Scott Klinger
Executive Vice President, Marketing and eCommerce


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