Logo Design

Logo Design

Your Logo Design and Brand are Precious --- Handle with Care

Logo Design

Great logo designs build brand recognition and enduring value.  This is why smart companies handle their logo design and their brand with great care.  Companies that take their logo lightly may suffer in the long run because an unprofessional or confusing logo is a signal of lack of professionalism and a lack of attention to detail to the market.

Do you ever wonder why a competitor seems to get more attention than you do?  Why they get more visitors to their website, or why more people talk about them?  If this is the case, it could be that your company, your message and your logo is less memorable.  Poor differentiation and an uninspiring logo design could be a reason your company is not grabbing the attention it should.

Ask yourself these questions.  How strong is your logo?  How proud are you of your logo and the logo design?  Is your logo appealing, engaging, or remarkable in some way?  Does the logo design look unique when compared against the competition?  Does the logo relate to your business or communicate something important about what you do?  If not, you have an opportunity to begin transforming your brand and your business by deciding to invest in creating  an inspiring and creative logo design.

Keys to a Strong Logo Design

Be Relevant.   Your business and your logo design should be relevant to your customers and the market.  Document who you are, what makes you different, and what personality characteristics your company uniquely stands for.  These will help set the tone and manner for the logo design in the creative process. 

Be Engaging.  Great logo designs have the power to STOP people and command attention.  Some brand logos get attention by being disruptive or unpredictable.  Other logos get attention in more sublime ways through the elegance or simplicity of their design.

Be Different. Often, many logo designs in a competitive category will have a lot in common.  They may use similar color palates or iconic representations that are common to the market.  While these may be relevant they can lead to a “me too” logo that blends into the crowd.  Great logo designs offer a fresh look and feel that sets them apart from the rest.


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