Marketing Accelerator Programs

Marketing Accelerator Programs

Turn-key Programs that Increase Sales

Stop Guessing and Get the Facts on your Marketing Effectiveness

Are you rolling the dice with your Marketing Programs?  Many companies don’t think they have the time or the ability to analyze their marketing programs and improve them.

Marketing is a numbers game and you can beat the odds by getting the facts, analyzing the results, and continually improving.  The beauty of Internet marketing is that almost everything can be measured, but you need an analytical mindset and the discipline to do it.

Marketing Accelerators Drive Sales and ROI

If you could improve each element of your marketing program just 10%, what would it be worth to you?  What if you were 10% more efficient on each of these marketing deliverables?

  • Product requirements specifications
  • Generating qualified leads
  • Effectiveness of Website in generating traffic and engaging customers
  • Convincingness of Marketing Collateral
  • Communicating competitive advantage in Sales Materials
  • Engaging nature of Webinars
  • Addressing the right issues in Product Demonstrations
  • Consistently getting customers to provide testimonials and serve as references
  • Response rates to email campaigns
  • Registration for company newsletter

Marketing Accelerator Programs By making each of these 10 steps 10% more effective, you could double the number of leads you get out of the same marketing investment, generating a 100% ROI increase.

These types of increases are why leading companies like P&G, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Apple, Dell, Microsoft invest millions in getting the facts so they can learn and improve.

Brand Periscope’s Marketing Accelerator Programs use the same types of market research used by major companies to companies of all sizes.  We have created an Internet based deployment system of these proven effective market research techniques. Now, companies of any size can unleash the power of market research for their business.  

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