5 Steps of Engagement Marketing


Our Branding and Internet Marketing Methodology

Great Brands Come From A Proven Methodology
Great brands and great businesses don’t just happen.  They are the product of great thinking and analysis where powerful ideas are captured in a proven branding and Internet marketing methodology that produces repeatable, high quality outcomes. 

Our 5-Step Methodology for Building Winning Brands and Internet Marketing Programs

be different! Step 1: Be Different!
You’re either a brand or a commodity.  So, first, build your brand!  Make your brand stand for something important and different.  Customers and partners are attracted to the power of a brand.  Strong brands get more traffic to websites, engage more prospects and have higher conversion rates than me too products and commodities.  Said another way, if you build your brand first, all the other marketing and sales activities will generate better results and a higher return.

attract  Step 2: Attract
Once we have a differentiated brand, we need to generate awareness and attract customers.  In the Internet world, this starts with having a great website.  The website should embody the essence of the brand, communicate what makes your different and be well organized so visitors can find what they are looking for.  Importantly, people must be able to FIND the website.  Companies should put at least as much effort into search engine optimization (SEO) and ad words campaigns as into creating the website.  After all, what good is it to have a great website if few people find it?

engage  Step 3: Engage
Most need to look around a bit before they buy.  This is why great websites need to engage visitors by giving them information that is interesting to them.  Great websites add value to the customer by showing them we understand their situation, their challenges and their needs.  If we show our expertise on topics they care about, they will spend more time with us.  If talk only about our company, we will turn them off and they will quickly bounce to a competitor’s website to get the information they want.  Remember…the customer is in control.

convert  Step 4: Convert
The ultimate goal is to convert visitors to customers.  To do this we need to make it an easy and natural process for people to find the information they need, to contact us and become a customer.  We can offer valuable content in return for capturing contact information.  We need to increase the conversion rate of prospects and visitors in order to drive sales and profitability.  Yet, it is amazing how few companies truly understand what is going on in the mind of the prospect at this critical decision point.  It is vitally important to analyze web traffic, bounce rates, conversion rates, and to conduct customer research to find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to continually improve. 

nurture  Step 5: Nurture
Most of us understand the importance of building strong customer loyalty and nurturing customer relationships.  We know that word-of-mouth and referrals are the best way to get new business.  Yet, only 15% of sales people get referrals and most companies don’t have a process for getting customer feedback and using it to continually improve.  Instead, many companies revert to transactional mentality instead of a referral mentality.  They close one deal and move to the next ‘hot prospect’ in hopes of getting another quick sale.  But research shows it pays off to build strong customers relationships.  It costs 9 to 11 times more to win a new customer than to sell to an existing customer.  And, the most loyal customers provide more than 80% of all referrals, which are the deals that close faster and are less price sensitive.  This means the first place to find new business is with your best customers.

We’d like to put our proven branding and Internet marketing methodology to work for your business.

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