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A Team of Experts in Brand Identity, Internet Marketing & Web Development

Rick Thompson, President & Lead Brand Builder

Rick’s passion for building brands and innovative marketing programs makes him an ideal partner for companies that want to build a strong brand that engages customers and drives revenue and profit.  His experience in owning the P&L as a line manager help him appreciate that the goal of all branding and marketing is to drive the bottom line.

Born left-handed and right-brained, Rick is a natural creative with a uniquely strong analytical foundation.  Rick was a Chemistry/Biochemistry double major at the University of Maryland and worked as a Research Chemist before getting his MBA at the University of Michigan.

After graduate school Rick joined Procter & Gamble where he used both his creative and analytical skills to build strong, profitable brands for Tide, Dash, Gain, and Joy.  Next, Rick took  his branding and marketing talents into technology to lead worldwide consumer marketing at IBM where he  launched a series of innovation and brand building programs for Aptiva Home PC’s, ThinkPad, IBM Consumer Options, IBM Home Director, and IBM Consumer Software products. 

Before founding Brand Periscope as a Branding and Internet Marketing firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Rick held C-Level Executive positions at Global Knowledge, Ultimus Enterprise Software, and Flashpoint Technology all with offices in Research Triangle Park and Raleigh, NC.

Alberto Polloni, Creative & Lead Brand Designer

Some people are born with a special creative gift, a natural ability to visually express complex concepts and emotions while keeping it simple.  Alberto is one of those people.  He was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, a beautiful cosmopolitan city surrounded by the Andes Mountains.

Inspired by art and design, Alberto studied architecture and design and formed a commercial interior design company.  After several years as an entrepreneur, his passion for design led him to study corporate identity and design at the University Internazionale Del’Arte Di Firenze in Florence, Italy. In 1988, he relocated to Raleigh, NC and became a proud citizen of the United States.

Alberto put his passion for corporate identity and design to work in brand identity and graphic design. His company Polloni Design Inc. has been in business, in Raleigh, for more than 14 years, locally, nationally and international. 

An enthusiast for life and learning, Alberto furthered his personal development by training as a life coach at the Coaches Training Institute in Washington DC and Barcelona.  This perspective helps him listen to his clients and understand their ideas in ways that help produce excellent results.

Clina Polloni, Creative & Lead Web Developer

Rare is the person who can both design and develop a website.  Clina is one of those rare people with innate artistic and creative design skills and the ability to make those designs come to life on a website that requires coding and HTML.

Clina’s love for the arts began when she was a little girl and was influenced by her great grandfather who was a celebrated painter in her native Chile. Since her initial inspiration, Clina has brought her artistic talents to the business world for thirty-five year, where she specializes in graphic design, corporate identity and web development.

It brings Clina great joy to understand what a client is looking for and to bring it to life with a powerful brand identity and design that is expressed in a great looking website that engages customers and helps to build a strong business.

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