Our Thinking

Our Thinking

Internet Marketing is a Must in the Internet Reality

Internet Marketing Has Come At Us Like a Bullet Train
Businesses must embrace the transformation of the Internet or be left behind because the keys to success are changing fast and require significant Internet marketing activity.  Companies that want to keep pace must accelerate Internet marketing activities by developing internal capabilities or engaging and Internet marketing company with expertise in driving branding and Internet marketing.

The Past: Interruption Marketing
We all understood Traditional Marketing.  We found our target customer.  We created our message. We used TV, radio, print, telephone, or direct mail to interrupt customers’ behavior and place our message in front of them.  We, the business, were in control.  No more!

The Future: Internet Marketing
Today, the customer is in control!  This transformation profoundly impacts branding and marketing because customers no longer wait for companies to reach them with a message.  When today’s customers are interested, they determine what information they want, when they want it and how they get it.  Research shows 81% of people go to a search engine first to learn about products and services, to compare, to decide, and to buy.  

This new Internet marketing reality drives the need for Engagement Marketing.   Engagement marketing recognizes that the tables have turned and companies need to invest in “being found” by customers instead of “finding customers”.  Answering the question “how will customers find us?” becomes the new mantra for internet marketing and inbound marketing.  How will you invest and build a plan to attract the right people to your company and brand?  If you don’t have an Inbound marketing plan today, don’t worry because chances are, neither does your competition.

Inbound Marketing provides an opportunity to leap frog the competitors.  Everyone knows the game is changing, but most are not keeping pace.  They stand on the sideline waiting for the smoke to clear.  This is your chance to separate yourself from your competitors.  Act now.  Be among the first to embrace internet marketing and inbound marketing and your company will climb to the top. 

At Brand Periscope, our methodology takes the proven principles of branding and marketing and applies them to the new Internet reality. 

Learn a bit about us.  See how we think.  See what we’ve done. And if you like what you see, give us a call to see how we can help to build your brand and drive successful Internet marketing.

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