Polloni Design

Polloni Design

Outstanding Creative

Polloni Design delivers outstanding creative and has a strategic partnership with Brand Periscope.  Alberto and Clina Polloni bring artistic creativity which combines with Rick Thompson’s experience in corporate branding and running large business units.

Polloni Design has developed hundreds of company logos, corporate identities, and websites for small and mid-sized business both in the Raleigh NC area and nationally.

Scope of Work

When Brand Periscope and Polloni Design joined forces, the first order of business was to revamp the Polloni Design website so it reflected the professionalism and creativity of the firm.  Alberto and Clina had wanted to refresh the website for years, but had always put their clients first instead of giving their own website priority.  In addition, they wanted to improve the organic search capability of the site for SEO rankings.

Website Design – The website redesign has strong stopping power on the home page and hits visitors with a unique, appealing and creative design.  The design is easy-to-navigate, but presents the navigation in an unexpected and appealing way.  The interior pages follow a more traditional design, but continue to show a balance between elegance, creativity and functionality.

Search Engine Optimization – The new website design not only looks great, but also incorporates the most up-to-date search engine optimization capabilities.  Each page is SEO optimized for page specific terms and used 2 to 4 word keyword phrases that will yield the best, most targeted traffic. 

Referral Programs – Polloni Design is also using Brand Periscope’s satisfaction and referral programs to continually collect client feedback and to have a systematic process for increasing customer referrals.

See Above...Go Beyond

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