Price Modern

Price Modern

Satisfaction & Referral Programs

Price Modern has evolved into one of the largest, most sophisticated contract furniture dealers anywhere.  They are headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with offices in Washington, DC and Raleigh, NC.   In business for over 100 years, Price Modern values their employees and the lasting relationships they build with their customers.  Price Modern’s commitment to their customers is to provide real value through their Integrity, Passion, and Creativity.

Scope of Work

Refer-a-Friend Program – Price Modern has learned over the years that the best way to grow their business is to delight customers by providing excellent service and building enduring client relationships.  The Refer-a-Friend Program helps Price Modern ingrain their relationship mentality into the entire business and automate the process to get referrals from their clients.  Every email the company sends out provides an opportunity for clients to generate a referral.

Customer Satisfaction & Referral Program – After each completed project Price Modern can send their client a Customer Satisfaction & Referral response card.  It only takes clients about 1 minute to provide the response, yet it collects invaluable feedback in real time.  If something didn’t go exactly right with the furniture installation, Price Modern finds out in the client satisfaction response.  This gives them the opportunity to address any possible issues and delight the customer.  Importantly, each customer rates their likelihood of providing a referral and all customers who are likely to provide a referral are given the opportunity to provide referrals.   This process makes it easy for all account managers to have an organized, repeatable process for collecting feedback and getting referrals.

See Above...Go Beyond

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