Sales Accelerator Programs

Sales Accelerator Programs

Turn-key Programs for Your Sales Organization

Sales Accelerator Programs That Get Answers and Drive Revenue

Has your sales team ever spent weeks or months trying to close a deal you thought you were going to win only to find out the customer had no intention of buying from your or had already selected another vendor? 

Get answers to the key questions that impact sales:

  • How do we get more accurate forecasts?
  • How can we close our pipeline more consistently? 
  • How can we qualify our opportunities better so we pursue the right deals? 
  • Are effective are our initial sales meetings? 
  • How compelling is our product demo? 

Listen. Learn. Improve Your Sales Cycle

Sales Accelerator ProgramsBrand Periscope has a suite of Sales Accelerator Programs that can help you find out the real reasons you are winning and losing deals.  We have broken the Sales Cycle into several key component steps and developed a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use research technique that get customers and prospects to open up and provide information that gets at the root cause of sales success and failure.

Importantly, since we are an unbiased, independent 3rd party research organization, we are able to ask the difficult questions and obtain the candid and complete responses that prospects may not share directly with the selling company. 


Put Sales Accelerator Programs to Work in Your Business.

See Above...Go Beyond

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