Social Media Marketing and Blogs

Social Media Marketing and Blogs

Engage Customers Through Social Media Marketing and Blogs

Social Media Marketing Can Help Build your Business

Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter connect millions of people with common interests every day through the Internet.  To some people this social media marketing seems like a fad.  But others see how connecting like-minded people and loyal customers together through social networks can help them share information of common interest, create energy around a hot topic, drive traffic to a website, or generate testimonials and referrals for new business.

What Exactly is Social Media Marketing?

One of the most unique features of social media is that the content is user generated.  The most popular social media vehicles include:

  • Social MediaBlogs: for sharing on-going thoughts or comments about a particular topic, business, or trends
  • YouTube: for posting video content
  • Facebook: for connecting socially with personal friends or friends of your company or organization
  • LinkedIn: for making professional connections
  • Twitter: for instantly communicating short bursts of information to a connected social group
  • Digg: a website that allows you to find and share news  in your social network
  • Delicious: a website of popular website bookmarks

Why Should A Business Care About Social Media Marketing?

Because it's where the action is! Nearly 7 of 10 American adults visit online blogs, communities or social networks, and about one-third use these social networking sites to gather information before making a purchase.  So, if you want to build long-term relationships with customers, social media can be a valuable tool in creating an active conversation.   Most people want to learn a bit about a company before they are ready to buy.  This is why it makes sense to initiate a dialog through social media marketing.  It is a great way to generate awareness, establish your area of expertise, and build the comfort level with prospects.  Social media can also help develop existing customers into true brand advocates.

The Synergy of Social Media

An additional reason to add social media to the Internet marketing mix is that it greatly impacts search engine optimization rankings by creating backlinks to the website.  Each time you push content to a social media channel you have the opportunity to provide a link to your company website.  When other people follow that link to your website, it drives traffic.  In addition, as you build more backlinks, Google will rank your site higher because backlinks are essentially votes for the popularity of your website.


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