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Ultimus was a worldwide leader in business process management (BPM) software.  The company had grown significantly over 12 years and acquired over 1,600 customers in 80 countries.  In BPM, what had once been a niche market was burgeoning into a major enterprise software category and getting flush with competition.  The time had come for Ultimus to invest in a brand identity that reflected its strong, leadership position in the BPM market.

CEO and Founder Rashid Khan hired Rick Thompson, now President of Brand Periscope, as Chief Marketing Officer.  The challenge was to revitalize the company strategy in the face of significant market growth and increasing competition, revitalize the brand, launch a comprehensive worldwide marketing strategy, and ramp up lead generation programs, the website and Internet marketing.

Scope of Work

Brand Identity Development – Rick employed the branding and marketing principles he mastered while at Procter & Gamble.  The process started with a brand creative brief.  Next, Rick engaged an outstanding brand identity firm that he had a great long term relationship with to help him create a new brand identity for Ultimus.  The result was a powerful and distinctive brand mark that set Ultimus apart in the category and symbolized the nature of the BPM work, namely organizing complex workflow into well orchestrated business processes.

Positioning & Tagline – Rick conducted deep strategic discussions and interviews, with Ultimus managers and sales teams, industry analysts and customers to determine what made Ultimus unique and different from the competition.  It turned out that the entire market was focusing on “technology” as the benefit, but that business processes are really about improving how “people” work together.  In addition, Ultimus had unique “people-centric” capabilities and technology.   As such, Rick developed the Ultimus brand positioning around “human-centric” BPM and created a tagline that connected people to process improvement.  The tagline was:

Ultimus…Empowering People, Driving Process

Website Development – To bring the new brand to life on the website, Rick engaged Polloni Design, an excellent creative design and website development agency in Raleigh, NC.  Rick worked hand-in-hand with the designers to create a new website that would engage customers, increase traffic, and strengthen the marketing and sales processes.  This successful working relationship between Rick Thompson, Alberto Polloni, and Clina Polloni led to the partnership they have with Brand Periscope.

Search Engine Optimization – When Rick started at Ultimus the website was not in the Top 100 pages for 90% of the key search terms they targeted.  Within six months after the new website launched Ultimus got Top Page Rankings for 7 of the Top 10 search terms.   This helped significantly drive increased web traffic and lead generation.

Rick led Ultimus in a complete rebranding and positioning effort.  He led a process to create a beautiful new brand identity that reflected our core value proposition and made us look like a category leader.  He developed a new tagline that was right on strategy, a new website that improved our SEO rankings, and all new sales and marketing materials that advanced the sales cycle.  This complete branding effort looked great, helped unify our worldwide team, and improved our image and our results in the market.”

Rashid Khan
Founder & CEO
Ultimus, Inc.


See Above...Go Beyond

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