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Brand Periscope is a professional website design and development company located in Raleigh, NC.  Great website design begins with the end in mind; and that means a website that attracts visitors, engages their attention and converts them into customers.

All of our web designs combine outstanding creative design, ease of navigation, and a focus on search engine optimization.   Great website design must first attract high quality traffic.  That is the job of search engine optimization.  Once traffic comes to the site, the website design must ENGAGE the visitor with a creative design that visually captures their interest and their imagination.   Once engaged, strong and relevant content is required to keep people on the site.  Then, it is important to have strong value added content that will allow you to capture the names and contact information of interested prospects.

Custom Websites or WordPress Websites: The Choice is Yours!

Foland Custom Homes, Trapp Insurance Group, and Landscape Cary are examples of websites designed for small business clients who had differing needs. The Foland Custom Homes website is a completely custom designed website for a high end home builder. It was important for owner Greg Foland to emphasize the uniqueness and added-value of finishing touches. Naturally, he wanted a custom website. Greg also wanted to be able to make changes to his site, so we set him up with a tool that allows him to edit, add content and make other enhancements himself.

The Trapp Insurance Group and Landscape Cary websites are built in WordPress and uses a flexible template that allows the site to be built relatively quickly, but also with customization. In both cases, the small business owners were looking for a website with an integrated blog so they could easily post blogs, edit web pages and create new web pages themselves. For these reasons, a WordPress-based website gave them great control at an affordable cost.

Our Web Design Process

Our web design and development process has been proven on over 100 company websites.  We use a phased approach where each phase has specific goals, deliverables and approvals.

Phase I: Strategic Alignment and Initial Web Design Concepts
  • Define business objectives and website objectives with management team
  • Establish success criteria
  • Create website flowchart and page hierarchy
  • Develop creative web design concepts
  • Select and refine lead web design concepts
Phase II: Web Design Approval and Initial Website Development
  • Select and approve final web design concept
  • Create site architecture including site map, layout, style sheets, color palate and navigation
  • Define copy, illustration and photography needs
  • Identify need for flash animation, registration forms, blogs
  • Develop site artwork
  • Present artwork for approval
Phase III:  Website Development Refinements, Approval and Programming
  • Incorporate artwork feedback and revisions
  • Input final copy and content
  • Finalize and input keywords and metatag information
  • Program the website
  • Offline preview to client and revise site as necessary
  • Installation and testing on designated server
  • Go live
Phase IV: Search Engine Optimization – note: Phase IV starts with Phase I and runs in parallel
  • Conduct customer and competitive keyword audit
  • Develop primary keyword and key phrase list
  • Perform keyword analytics
  • Make final keyword and key phrase selections
  • Identity specific website pages to be optimized
  • Recommend usage of page-specific keywords for each target page
  • Refine and publish pages
  • Submit website to directories
  • Identify a plan to build links
  • Conduct on-going SEO analysis and reviews

Our Web Design Philosophy
Our web design philosophy is to empower our clients.  Most companies do not specialize in website design, development or website maintenance.  Our goal is to do help guide you along a proven path to success, to add the creative spark so your site engages people, and to provide an SEO framework so your site has the search engine optimization to attract quality traffic.  Once your website launches, we want you to be as self-sufficient as possible.

If you want to take over primary responsibility for your website, we provide you with an easy to use content management system so you can make many changes to the site without needing web development skills.  And, if you want us to maintain your site, we are happy to do so.


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