Win Loss Analysis

Win Loss Analysis

Don’t Roll the Dice with your Sales Revenue!

The Power of Win Loss Analysis

Just imagine if you REALLY knew why you won or lost every deal?  What could you learn?  What would you change?  How much could you improve?

Win Loss Analysis uncovers the real reasons you win and lose a deal.  Our win loss analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your current sales strategy, sales process, presentations, engagement techniques, pricing, and closing techniques. 

Get the Facts and Answer the Questions with Win Loss Analysis

If you don’t REALLY know why you are winning or losing, don’t feel bad because most of your competitors don’t know either. 

Let us ask the tough questions to find out whether you were even being seriously considered or not. 

  • Was there an early leader? 
  • Was there an incumbent? 
  • What did the customer think about your sales team, management team, responsiveness, proposal, pricing, sales engineers? 
  • Did they talk to references? 
  • Did they end up buying a lower price alternative? 
  • Did they pay more to a competitor to get increased value that you somehow missed?

Our disciplined methodology can help you get the facts and begin improving you Sales Cycle.


See Above...Go Beyond

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