Digital Listening

Digital Listening

Listen to Your Customer!

Listen, Learn and Improve with Digital Listening

We all want to win more business, build better products, improve customer service, generate more leads, achieve higher close rates, increase customer loyalty, get more repeat business and get more referrals.  The Internet

How Does Your Company Make Decisions?
Companies like Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s, Kraft, Coca-Cola, and other consumer packaged goods companies spend millions in market research.  They have teams of people analyze the results and recommend business decisions armed with mountains of facts and consumer insights.

While this sounds great, at most companies, there is no market research budget and no mountain of facts or data to help guide decisions.  Who and what drives the decision-making at your company?  Are you like many companies that let customer anecdotes and strong personal opinions drive the decision-making process?  Do you ever overreact when you lose a deal, or when a competitor makes a big announcement, or to analyst comments, or to Board Meeting comments, or to new technologies hype? 

Digital Listening Enables All Companies to Get Facts
Digital ListeningThe Internet changes everything.  This is true with market and customer research.  Everyone is connected.  Everyone communicates through the Internet.  We no longer need to rely on expensive direct mail or telephone research to engage the market, conduct research, and gather facts.  People “Open Up” and freely share information, thoughts, opinions, and desires in social media, emails, and the Internet. 

Key Point: Companies that learn how to capture and use customer knowledge will Drive Sales & Build Loyalty!

Complete Suite of Digital Listening Tools

Digital Listening cycleAt Brand Periscope, we have created a complete suite of Digital Listening Tools that enable companies to “Listen In” on customer conversations and essentially be a “Fly on the wall”.  Customers often provide more complete and candid feedback on the Internet due a sense of “Digital Anonymity”.   These digital listening tools are target to the Marketing Cycle, Sales Cycle, and Loyalty Cycle to get answers to the questions that drive sales and revenue.

Learn how Digital Listening tools can get answers to critical questions like these:

  • What are the top reasons we win and lose business?
  • How effective is our sales process?
  • How good is our product demo?
  • What is our image in the market?
  • Do prospects perceive that we are different?
  • How do our website and product stack up compared to the competition?
  • How loyal are our customers?
  • What percent of customers would recommend us?

Contact us to learn how our Digital Listening Tools can help you get leads, qualify and close sales, build repeat business and generate referrals.

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